3 Tips to Find the Right Real Estate Broker in Dubai


The real estate market of Dubai is among the fastest-growing segments of the economy. Dubai Real Estate demand continued to grow with steady upward trends with steadiness as indicated by Dubai Land Department Real Estate Data.

While there are opportunities in the market, the equal level of threat associated with it is quite a handful. To overcome the risk, buyers usually select a qualified real estate broker to assist them in making the right call.

We have recently gathered data about the real estate brokers and found some similarities among the buyers as how they select the top real estate broker. We have summarized them in three segments:

  1. Consult with Friends and Family
  2. Validate The Online Reviews
  3. Verify Real Estate Broker Credentials


1. Consult with Friends and Family

It is recommended to take consultation with people you trust who have some experience in Dubai real estate. Usually, it includes a member of your family or a close friend who have experience or knowledge of the Dubai real estate market. This advice matters because they not only have an idea of the market, but they understand you better and know what may be right for you therefore, their recommended real estate agents can be a good starting point for you.


2. Validate The Online Reviews

People start their due diligence by researching real estate brokers online. Such as checking their website, social media, and online reviews. It is a good starting point to evaluate the strength of the broker but relying solely on those profiles - especially the online reviews can be detrimental.

Online reviews can give you a secondhand experience of how it is to work with a particular real estate broker in Dubai. Moreover, companies can buy reviews or can generate fake reviews to gain your trust.

It's recommended that you call your shortlisted real estate agent and do some screening by asking qualification questions such as their community experience, area of specialization, and recent projects/achievements.


3. Verify Real Estate Broker Credentials

Thanks to the Dubai Land Department Regulations, all professional real estate brokers should have a valid broker ID issued by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). This association reviews, cross-checks, and validates property brokers' profiles to ensure only legitimate players get into the local market of Dubai and avoid scams. If you have already eyed a few top real estate brokers in Dubai, check again to ensure they're all RERA-certified. Don't rely on verbal confirmation. Instead, ask for a copy of proof along with the Broker Registration Number (BRN) with an Office Registration Number (ORN). Visit the Dubai Land Department website to validate them online.



People do discuss their intention to buy a property or make an investment decision, it's of utmost importance with whom they discuss and take advice. If a person doesn't have real estate experience, their advice may not be as valuable as a person who understands Dubai real estate. As a rule, you should always consider with whom you are taking advice, then do your due diligence about the realtor you have advised to work with, and above all, verify their registration and legal status before selecting them.