Off-plan Properties

Get the first-mover’s advantage, first.

One of the benefits of buying off-plan property is that projects that aren’t constructed yet are available at significantly lower prices. Together with attractive payment plans, such investments become more affordable compared to constructed developments.

Artha helps both first-time buyers and seasoned investors benefit from the great financial flexibility offered by off-plan real estate in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. We keep an eye out for new projects launched every month and work closely with developers to provide the best deals for our clients.

Having operated in the market for several years, we are fully aware of risks and opportunities in off-plan investments. Balancing this and providing the right advice, ensuring that the paperwork and commitments are in place and counseling clients on when and where to buy – these are services that have earned the respect of our clients and the trust of the UAE’s leading developers.

Off-plan properties

Why Invest in Dubai

This is where value begins

Despite some of the biggest worldwide downturns, the real estate market in the UAE continues to gain momentum, supported by government policies, stimulus packages, visa reforms and strong demand from end-users and investors.

The strong political will and committed action on the ground demonstrates the ambition to make the country and economy better for all its citizens and residents.

Investing in real estate - in the UAE and particularly in Dubai comes with several advantages that are not available together in most countries. Choosing the best place to buy property depends on your priorities, the size of your family, budgetary concerns; and if you are an investor, your financial goals. Fortunately, the range of affordable, futuristic and uniquely designed residential communities make the city a haven for property investors.

Why investors choose Dubai


A secure, modern-day lifestyle

The UAE and Dubai offer one of the most secure and safe places to live and work in.


Capital appreciation

The average rent return on offer hovers around 7% in the main areas of Dubai but is as much as 10% in certain areas.


Low-tax, stable economy

What you earn is yours to spend. And repatriate, when you want to.


World-class infrastructure

The UAE has the infrastructure that one would expect from a world-class residential and business hub.


Strategic location

Dubai is less than 5-6 hours of flying time from majority of the world’s destinations.


Competitive prices and rental yields

Dubai property rental yields are significantly higher than those offered in popular cities such as London and New York.


Stable and mature real estate industry

Property prices have generally stabilized and the market has matured, making it a great time for investing in property.


Regulated market

The UAE has the most transparent real estate market in the MENA region, and its policies are comparable to the best in the world.

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