Why residents rave about Town Square community


Greenery, affordability, community vibe pull many to this up-and-coming district

Dubai: If you think of Dubai as nothing but skyscrapers, sand dunes, superhighways and sun-kissed white sand beaches, you’re about right.

But that’s not all. Its horizontally built-up “parcels”, especially in the "New Dubai" freehold districts are certainly worth exploring, and vastly more fascinating.

How? More than the majestic high-rises, set your gaze upon the vibrant nooks — and discover the greenery-amid-a-desert kind of spread.

Town Square's green spaces, tranquil neighbourhood, easy access are compelling reasons for its mini-city-within-a-city vibe. It also happens to be light on the pocket.

Since its 2015 launch, the development has been a big draw to younger, up-and-coming residents. Property investors, too, have found it worth their money.

Its main pull: larger units, parks spanning 154,000 square metres (or 15.4 hectares — the equivalent of more than 28 football pitches), for starters. There are 16 community gardens (and counting), retail/town centres as well as leisure activities and a number of dining options.

To the designer and developers’ unbounded credit, it’s a complete community package.

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