Premium Residential Complex

in Dubai Harbor

5 Reasons Why Dubai is The New Investment HotSpot For Singapore Investors

  • 10 year Golden Visa
  • Tax Free Investment
  • Higher Rental Yield 
  • 4% Stamp Duty and Zero Property Tax
  • Dubai is Pro-Foreign Investment
  • Own Property from SGD 0.99 Million Only

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Sky High Luxury

Premium residential development that combines exceptional craftsmanship with a Luxury lifestyle. Choose from a 1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms Apartments, 4 and 5 Bedroom Townhouses and Villas. Starting from 0.99 million SGD Up to 3350 Sq.Ft. with High-Class Infrastructure.

Real estate investors can obtain a UAE Golden Visa

UAE Golden Visa Benefits

  • Reside, work, invest, and travel within the UAE
  • Sponsor your family members irrespective of their age.
  • Own any business incorporated in the UAE
  • Sponsored dependents can stay in the UAE until the end of the permit even if the Golden Visa holder passes away.
  • Ability to stay outside the UAE for more than the typical period of six months.

Tax Free Investment

One of the major perks of investing in Dubai is that it is a tax-free city and there are no residential property taxes. Anyone who has ever invested in foreign property and paid capital gains tax will know how big of an advantage this is.

Property investors will also want to ensure that their property is a home that others will want to lease. The tax-free environment makes Dubai an incredibly appealing place for professionals to move to and work, which in turn, provides for an ideal combination of no capital gains tax on your property and a steady demand for homes in Dubai.

Most Attractive Rental Yields in World

The average rental yield hovers around 7% in the main areas of Dubai but can be as high as 10% in certain areas where there is strong housing demand. With bank interest loans hovering under 4% this makes investing in Dubai property attractive for professional property investors.

Stamp Duty of ONLY 4% and Zero Property Tax.

Dubai is one of the UAE's seven emirates, and the federal government has exclusivity regarding the taxation system.

Singapore has Stamp duty charges of 5% for the first property purchase and 15% for the second & subsequent property purchases. For foreigners, they will be charged 20% for each property purchase. Whereas Dubai has Stamp duty charges of ONLY 4% and there is no tax charges on corporate income in Dubai. Obviously, it appears that Dubai is a clear winner here.

Dubai is Pro-Foreign Investment

For foreign investors, entering the Dubai market is a relatively straightforward forward process with minimal paperwork. 

Foreigners are also allowed to have freehold ownership of the property, this means you will own the land on which the property stands on. 

In addition to that, Dubai is a pro-landlord market, and the law protects landlords from some of the typical issues that may befall property investment owners. For instance, non-payment of rental fees or even maintenance fees. It is common for landlords to require a one-year payment of rent upfront, which is not practiced in any other global cities.